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Ch-ch-changing: So easy, yet so challenging


"Ch-ch-changing: So easy, yet so challenging"

Presented by Charity Bell

Understanding the ways in which the brain and body resist change and creating new strategies for supporting growth!

In this fun and interactive learning event, we will look at some of why 80% of gym memberships never get used, why changing even "non-addictive" behaviors is so hard, and how we can be more honest with ourselves and our clients and overcome some of the biggest barriers to change.

We will look at:

-why even "good" changes are hard to make

-how adults sabotage themselves

-why examining failure from a place of compassion/self-compassion is essential to long term success

Charity Bell has been recognized as an “Everyday Hero” by Brian Williams of NBC and featured in Good Housekeeping Magazine for her work with more than 150 foster children in Massachusetts, and now in new Hampshire.  After her mothers’ early death, Charity applied to the Peace Corps, and spent 18 months in a remote West African village as the only English speaker within 15 miles. She worked primarily with women and infants and delivered more than 60 babies as a lay midwife. She returned and spent time as the Founding Director of an arts/youth development foundation, as Director of Training for a large child welfare organization, and she also began her life as a foster parent. She has worked mainly with drug addicted newborns, going so far as to take them with her as she pursued a graduate degree at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.  After working as Director of Training for Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, She is now the Director of Learning and Development at the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, NE.

She has spent the past 13 years researching and implementing mindfulness and positivity in environments ranging from after-school programs to schools to government agencies. She is an engaging and inspiring speaker, bringing laughter to the important messages that audience members have called "transforming" and "utterly on-point".