Bay State:  Must plan for rise in Autism Rates

MTV - True Life Presents - The Benjamins 

An MTV documentary is taking a personal look at the path to adulthood through the lens of two brothers with autism.

The half-hour special “True Life Presents: The Benjamins” follows Kenny and Brad Benjamin of Bowie, Md. and their parents as the brothers seek out more independent lives with an eye toward gaining employment, finding their own apartment and scoring girlfriends.

According to the website at: VCU Autism Center for Excellence:  

"As we know, ASD is not simply a childhood disorder. Infants grow into children, children grow into adolescents, and adolescents grow into adults. For the adult with ASD, finding one's way through college, engaging in meaningful work, and living independently in the community all may prove difficult.

We know that upon graduation from the public school system, many adults with ASD are left in limbo. Different services and supports are needed as they try to find a new routine in new environments, new homes, and new situations. The world of ASD and adulthood is changing though. Where before the only options focused on sheltered workshops and group homes, now we are seeing more and more employment and living opportunities for the adult with ASD."

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