This page provides DDS Approved Guiding Principles for MassPBS


The Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services definition of PBS:

Positive Behavioral Supports is a systematic, person centered approach to understanding the reasons for behavior and applying evidence based practices for prevention, proactive intervention, teaching and responding to behavior, with the goal of achieving meaningful social outcomes, increasing learning and enhancing the quality of life across the lifespan.

Update 2014 - Please review new and updated documents attached below 


                         DDS Informational Bulletin

                         DDS PBS Leadership Team

                         DDS Universal Supports

                         DDS Targeted Supports

                         DDS Intensive Supports

                         DDS Intensive Supports Template

                         DDS Action Plan Template

                         DDS PBS FBA Template

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PBS is not simply offering positive reinforcement to someone or being friendly and positive to and with him or her.  While these are important ways to interact and communicate with people the essence of PBS is to engineer environments that support happy healthy lives and to offer proactive interventions that reduce and eliminate circumstances that do not contribute to a person’s well being. This is done by determining, with the person, what is important to them and by “listening” in new ways to their behavior.  Behavior is communicative and, where we can, we must determine what the person is saying and create environments that assist the person in being successful.

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