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MassPBS Universal Supports Training for Trainers 

Coming soon - look for more training beginning in Sept 2016

The best tier 3...is a GREAT tier one!!!!

Changing behavior is... 

first a matter of TEACHING,

second a matter of MODELING,

and never a matter of reacting!

Positive behavior interventions and supports focus on understanding why behaviors occur and implementing strategies to teach more appropriate behaviors. Overall, positive interventions that focus on changing behavior involves:

1) Teaching the behaviors that are expected,

2) Modeling those behaviors,

3) Consistently recognizing and rewarding the behaviors when they occur, and

4) Consistently enforcing meaningful consequences for behavior intervention.

The positive behavioral approach to addressing behavior can occur on a system-wide level, within an individuals' home, or with individuals to assist increase work performance, increase safety, decrease problem behavior, and establish positive social culture.