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ASD in Northhampton - Overwhelming Moments

Overwhelming Moments with Cynthia A. McKinley, Mental Health Trainer and Consultant Mental Health Challenges and Other Factors Contributing to Behavioral Outbursts in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Episodes of severe emotional distress sometimes referred to as “meltdowns” are some of the tougher moments for persons on the autism spectrum, their families and caregivers. Developing strategies for preventing and resolving these moments often becomes more difficult when a person with ASD has mental health challenges. This workshop will explore the complexity of physical, environmental, skill related and mental health issues that contribute to these outbursts. As part of this exploration, we will look at some behavioral issues and differentiate those that are related to a mental health diagnosis vs those that are more likely part of living life with ASD. 

Haskell Building - 2nd Floor, Large Conference Room -  1 Village Hill Rd. Northampton 01060