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No behavior cartoon, Valarie Whiting, PhD -

Everyone Loves Raymond Active Listening Part #1 

Everyone Loves Raymond Part #2

 The Big Bang Theory – Positive Reinforcement -This is from The Big Bang Theory. This clip was meant to show positive reinforcement. All credit goes to them. If you would like to see the whole episode, it's the third episode of season 3, entitled "The Gothowitz Deviation". 

What does behavior mean?

Michigan Alliance – Behavior is Communication – this presentation is an hour long and presented by Sally Burton-Hoyle (professor at Eastern Michigan University)

·        A Good Life - YouTube video answering the question - what is a good life?  With answers from individuals with various abilities -

·         Positive Approach for Individuals with Difficult Behavior – classroom setting with individual participation- 15 minutes long but good info -

·         A credo for support – music only -

· - A credo for support – as read by individuals

·         What makes a good support worker – has examples of staff doing good or ok work - Video made by Services for Independent Living in Herefordshire about what makes a good support worker, from the point of view of people with a disability -

·         Positive Reinforcement:  How to reinforce a 3 year old – great examples but will need to change the context - Dave talks candidly about positive reinforcement and how the principles he’s teaching can help reinforce good behavior in children of all ages. Don’t miss the hilarious story about his 3 year old granddaughter, the kitty, and the restaurant! -

What I'd Say 

Published on Apr 25, 2014

Listen to the words, 'What I'd Say' is a powerful song about our work. It is written and performed by Michael Steinbruck and Andrew Maroko, and stars Roger Crown. Visit