I am pleased to announce that the Department of Developmental Services has completed enhancements to the Individual Support Planning process, including revisions to DDS regulations that reflect these improvements.  The last substantial revision to the ISP occurred nearly 20 years ago.  Since then, we have expanded the community services system, created a rich variety of services and supports for individuals with intellectual disability, and created a new emphasis on self-determination and self-directed services.  Refreshing our planning process is the logical next step to promoting the Department’s mission:

The Department of Developmental Services is composed of people dedicated to creating, in cooperation with others, innovative and genuine opportunities for individuals with intellectual disability to participate fully and meaningfully in, and contribute to, their communities as valued members. 

The new Individual Service Planning process will:       

1.     Strengthen the individual’s Vision to make the ISP a more person centered, living document that reflects the hopes and dreams of the individual.

2.     Promote greater opportunities for individuals to exercise choice and self- determination.

            3.     Emphasize ISP goals and objectives that relate to the individual’s Vision and promote on-going growth and                          development for the individual.

4.     Enhance and promote collaboration among ISP team members by establishing a new sequence of activities, more consistent expectations, and a streamlined ISP document that creates a clear road map for the ISP Team to follow in support of the individual.

The Individual Support Planning process continues to begin with an individual's personal Vision and will take the concept of self-determination from theory to practice. I look forward to working with you as we move forward in supporting individuals with intellectual disability.

Elin M. Howe  Commissioner

"I" is for INDIVIDUAL workbook


The goal of this booklet is to help me participate in developing my Individual Support Plan. Why do I need this booklet?  The Department of Developmental Services, known as DDS, has always had a process with individuals who receive DDS services to identify the needs and supports that are important to us. The ISP booklet, is our effort to make the ISP a more Person Centered process. Changes are being made to the ISP process to provide more opportunities for me and other individuals to be actively involved in our planning process. 


Please click the link here >>> Making a Contribution Workbook.  It can be used in a number of different support person-centered practices, explore personal preferences to build positive behavior supports or even to work on skill building with staff.