Rainbow support group of Massachusetts < access listing here

Do you sometimes think that no one understands what you are feeling?

Do you wonder if you’re the only one who has these feelings?

Do you wish you had some friends who felt the same way that you do?

Think about joining the

Rainbow Support Group of Massachusetts!

The Rainbow Support Group provides support and information to individuals with intellectual challenges who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, crossdressers or are questioning their sexuality.  Meetings give you the chance to talk about your sexual interests with other people who are trying to be comfortable and happy about their sexuality. 

We now have groups in all five regions of the self advocacy organization, Massachusetts Advocates Standing Strong.  

Contact us to learn more and find out where a Rainbow Support Group meets in your area. 

Agencies can also contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a Rainbow Support Group.

Our email address is:  rainbowbos@charter.net

Or: mass.office.info@gmail.com

You can also call Pauline at:  508-944-5797